Succession Planning

Are You Considering an End Game Strategy? (Seller)

    Are You Considering Growing the Business Externally? (Buyer)


♦  When should you start planning your strategy?
♦  Can you find a buyer who fits your business style?
♦  What role will your firm play in the process?
♦  What kind of a value does your book have?
♦  How will your clients react and how will your staff fit in?
♦  Do you have to move to find the right buyer?


♦  What are the risks in buying versus building?
♦  Where will you find a seller who shares your investment values?
♦  If the selller is retiring, how old are his / her clients?
♦  Will your firm finance the acquisitions?
♦  How much should you pay for a book and will you have to hire more staff?
♦  Do you have to move to find the right seller?

We offer you

♦  The demographics of the current marketplace
♦  What buy / sell hazards to be aware of and total due diligence on the buyer, the seller AND the book
♦  How to dispassionately assess the opportunity
♦  How to assess fair and proper pricing in a sellers market
♦  How to profile you and your offer as first choice