Principal / Agent

Are you an Investment Advisor wanting to become more Independent?


♦  Because of superior payout
♦  Because of control of the work environment and the essential pros and cons of running your own business
♦  Because you will own your own business and operating style while functioning under a full platform offering of a major firm
♦  Because of flexibility and control of your own retirement and succession planning
♦  Because of an attractive and fully supported transition package

We offer you…

♦  A thorough knowledge of the major firms offering a principal/agent model and an understanding of the multiple benefits of being independent under the umbrella support of a major firm
♦  The consideration and merits of joining an established branch versus starting your own branch
♦  The how-to’s of approaching your staff and clientele on the benefits of “independence”
♦  A clear understanding of liability and compliance issues under the principal/agent model
♦  The essential pros and cons of running your own business and an understanding of the realities behind the payout factor in the principal/agent model