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Another year is coming to a close and we all have had the benefit of analyzing the challenges and unexpected changes we faced in 2013. With many question marks still on the horizon, the future is not going away and we need to create strategic plans as we navigate on our way forward. Wealth Management, as we know it, is a career which can take you to the heights and depths that most people will never experience. Long term survival in our business requires a determined will and a consistency of faith and flexibility in career considerations during critical periods when control is not in our hands.

When plotting your course for the New Year, you should recognize that finding prosperity is a very individual exercise and perhaps now is the time for you to give some serious thought to the re-structuring of your business model. Your financial earnings, the control of your business and the longevity of your career rightly belong in YOUR hands and not with a corporate entity who dictates the terms of your survival. The prospects for the coming year hold many promises and many doubts; the prudent investment advisor is one who will consider a strategy which ensures their own financial security and the freedom to manage their clients’ assets as circumstances dictate. You are not accountable to a firm where a mind-meld “merger” strategy might land your business on the street – literally. Are you prepared and ready to make those decisions which will determine the direction your business should take to ensure it’s (your) survival ?

The Curry-Henry Group has many years of valuable experience in the securities industry that will enhance and compliment the strategic decisions that are critical to your business. Remember, while this is a simple business, it is not easy ….but, it is YOURS to build and prosper.

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