Investment Advisors

Investment AdvisorsAre you considering changing firms?


♦  Because you are operating below the ever-rising production and asset bar imposed by your firm?
♦  Because the costs attached to an ever-falling payout are becoming too painful?
  Because your firm’s stability and direction are “in question”?
  Because corporate compliance has become an overbearing issue?

    We offer you…

♦  A thorough knowledge and examination of the marketplace – what opportunities are best suited to your business and current intelligence on the major players, their payout grids, policies and product offerings
♦  An examination of your business model and how your profile and history fit into your work environment
♦  An examination of your net worth in the marketplace and what values will be assigned to your revenue and asset make-up
♦  A realistic assessment of the why’s and wherefore’s of your decision and how to fulfil your objectives
♦  Hands-on assistance during the entire negotiation process including contract verification and vetting.  We will help you navigate through the transition process.