About Us

Curry-Henry Group Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the wealth management industry.

We offer a proven process in matching established Investment Advisors with brokerage firms that are best suited to their business, philosophy and compensation goals.  We provide ongoing hands-on support throughout the entire search, the negotiations and the transition process.

For securities firms, we offer a unique perspective on recruiting and growth objectives as seen from the corporate standpoint.  With years of experience on the executive side of the table, CHG presents a thorough understanding of today’s hiring realities.  Our search process will produce a fully vetted candidate to meet the firm’s hiring criteria.

Brian Curry owns and operates Curry-Henry Group Inc. Brian has  experience in both the domestic and international wealth management industry for more than 40 years.

Curry-Henry Group Inc. offers an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the Investment Advisor world, as well as a thorough understanding of the corporate viewpoint.  Our extensive knowledge covers legal, compliance, administration, day-to-day management of brokerage operations and a proven process in competitive recruiting and transitioning.  CHG Inc. is known for its integrity, honesty, dependability and deliverability.

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