How To …

“Get a Higher Payout
Without Working Harder!”

with Lynn Curtin Lange & Michele Hendriks
(an Industry Expert Interview)

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In a recent closed-door interview, financial industry experts Lynn Curtin Lange and Michele Hendriks (of Manulife Securities) discuss the main issues and challenges facing investment advisors in today’s marketplace – and more importantly, what they can do to resolve them.

In this candid 24 minute interview, Lynn and Michele dive into the touchy topic of ‘poverty payouts,’ career options and how there is a better way and what any advisor can easily do to make more money without working harder. Simply click to play (and ensure your volume is up.)

Don’t have time to listen? Or simply prefer reading?

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Required Skills

This opportunity is open to you if …

  • You’re an IIROC or MFDA Advisor with a min of 3 years experience
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